Tuesday, November 6, 2007

ADS-B. - Know Your Enemy

This is a slide put up by Greg Russell at the recent Safe Skies conference. November 1-2, 2007 in Canberra. (Mouse click on photo to enlarge image)

He cites this Drifter, most probably legally flying in class G airspace, as an example of the type of aircraft that poses a real danger to aviation, and the reason for ADS-B

Greg Russell is the CEO of Air Services Australia. He is pushing this ADS-B business real hard. Why I wonder? Particularly in light of the conclusions the FAA in the US have come to, which are opposite to ASA views.

Greg Russell and ASA are pushing very hard to sell ADS-B as the be all and end all panacea for aviation safety, completely disregarding the US experience and intent. When the arguments they put up for safety make no sense you have to ask WHY. The Latin term 'Que Bono" comes to my mind. Que Bono - Who benefits? Certainly not the vast majority of recreation aviators in Australia.

His safety arguments are nonsense. Read the RA-Aus submission below.

I personally have no issue with ADS-B in controlled airspace or above 10,000 feet where commercial and RPT operate.

I also believe there are some regulations you may not like, and some, perhaps, are not worth fighting. In these cases you grin and bear it.

However this is a very serious battle we MUST win. Not just for us now, but for all our future members.

Our Association is very fortunate at this time, as we have a President and CEO who are willing to go out and fight for what they believe is in the best interest of our members. They are against the ADS-B proposal in its current form and are prepared to do something about it, while some others in our association are content to sit on their hands, and even be appeasers.

Others in our association may have different views to me on this matter, and that is good. It is very healthy to have different views and opinions. It is not healthy to have fence sitters and appeasers. If you feel strongly about this matter, one way or the other, do something about it. Don't just sit on the fence. Ask your local board member what his or her views and actions are. If you don't like the answer, tell them so, and consider how you vote at the next RA-Aus Board election. (This goes for me too. If you think I am too unyielding on this matter, vote me off)

John McK