Friday, December 7, 2007

Possible Glitch with LSA Aircraft

Note from our Technical Manager.

If you are going to transfer from VH to LSA you must provide a copy of the revised Special Certificate of Airworthiness. The SCoA has to be re-issued by an Approved Person with 24-XXXX. An additional transfer cost to the owner.

Also please note that under the current CASA regulations, LSA aircraft cannot be used for Hire and Reward. A SCoA for aircraft being used for Hire will not be issued. The basis of the regulation wording states LSA aircraft can only be used for Private Ops, Flying Training and Glider Towing.

Chris Kiehn has emailed Bernie Hole from CASA for his understanding of this. This could be a serious blow for anyone wishing to make money with LSA aircraft..!

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Update. Chris has received a response from Bernie.

"The information you require is contained in CAR 262 APA. The requirements are that production LSA aircraft can be used for Private operations Flying training Glider towing.

The aircraft can be hired out for any of these operations. In other words, if you owned an aircraft you could hire it out to a person for private operations etc.

Hope this helps