Monday, April 28, 2008

By The Numbers

I thought members may be interested in some numbers and ratios.

The Government body CASA look after approx 11,000 pilots in Australia. These include ATPL, CPL, and PPL. pilots. To do this they have a staff of approx. 600 people. This is a ratio of 18:1. Pilots as to admin.

The RA-Aus look after approx 9,000 recreational pilots, and do this with a staff of 10. This is a ratio of 900:1

Interesting numbers aren't they?

I truly believe our day to day administration is is far more efficient than any other, but if you have some issue that is not the norm, please look at these ratios and consider cutting the people in Canberra and your elected members a little slack. There are some things in the past we could have done better, but we are trying to do things better month by month, and every year we become a little more professional than the past year.