Thursday, April 2, 2009

Famous Trumpet Player gets Drifter Training

Lighthearted Post

After learning that you will never, ever, really make it as an aviator unless you have Drifter training. Famous trumpet player, and accomplished aviator, James M, decided he needed some Drifter training to really make it as one of that select band of pilots with Drifter PIC time.

James came to Greg's school at Boonah to gain those special skills possessed only by Drifter trained pilots.

Ed Note. Australia's first and only, "Red Bull" pilot. Our fast jet military pilot who saw combat flying F18's over Iraq, got his initial flying skills from being Drifter trained.

CFI Greg, and James with the school Drifter. James is the intelligent looking person with the Trumpet.

Now Greg has the trumpet.

There is a very old Chinese proverb.

"Can teach Trumpet player fly Drifter. Not ever possible teach Boonah CFI play Trumpet"