Friday, September 18, 2009

19 Cat. Aircraft and Built up Areas

There seems to be some confusion with 19 Category Aircraft flying over built up areas.

To clarify matters. 19 Category aircraft are forbidden from flying over any township or any built up area in the first instance.

There are exceptions, but it is on an individual case by case basis.

In the past the requirement was.

1. Your amateur built aircraft must be built from a recognized and approved kit.

2. It must have an "approved" engine and propeller.

3. You must get written permission from CASA or our Technical Manager.

4. Only after complying with the above requirements is it legally permissible to fly over a built up area. (above 1,000 feet AGL and high enough to glide clear in the case of engine failure)

Previously aircraft like the Terrier (above) or a Bushcaddy with a Subaru engine would not be approved. Subaru engines are not approved engines. Aircraft with a Herth engine like a Challanger would not get approval.

This was a negative impact on a number of our aircraft. Those members with affected aircraft can now get approval from the Technical Manager even if you have a non approved engine and propeller. Steve Bell has worked to rectify this problem of the past.

Those people with affected aircraft who have not received written approval, should do so now, and need to be aware of the legal ramifications of flying out of towns like Boonah, or Cabolture where in the process of taking off and landing you can't avoid flying over some built up areas.

Approval can be obtained by emailing the Technical Manager with the relevant data.