Wednesday, January 27, 2010


To All RA-Aus members in Southern Queensland,

I am trying to gain support from the membership to hold our AGM at Natfly each year rather than before the the September Board Meeting.

I have only been a Board member for a little over two years but in that short time I am appalled by the poor attendance of members at our AGM. A handful of members (apart from staff and the Board) is a good turnout. The last AGM had only 3 "external" members present.

To me this is totally unacceptable but understandable.

The AGM is held on a Friday afternoon, in Canberra, in September. Who, apart from Canberra residents with flexible working hours could attend?

By having the AGM at Natfly it would allow a far greater member participation.

Far more members would be be present to hear and read the reports that are presented, and more importantly, make comment, and have input into the running of the Association.

The Board Meeting and Executive elections should continue to be in September. This way, if the Executive promises some outcome to the membership at Natfly, it still has at least 5 months or so to deliver. Under the current system, the President or Executive may promise some outcome at the AGM, and a few hours later (after the elections) they are no longer on the Executive.

Please give me your thoughts.

John McKeown