Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More on ADSB

This is a copy of a post I made on the Recreational Flying Forum.

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Hi Ian,

I personally have no issue, and my understanding is, neither does the RA-Aus for ASDB to be fitted for entry into controlled airspace. My main concern is for the grass roots members of the RA-Aus. The ultralight people. We have become a major growth association, (while most others are shrinking) by looking after our members, and having a policy of "affordable flying". "Safety with responsibility". Just look at what has happened to GA in the past few years. Now ask yourself why?

If we agree to this being compulsory outside CTA we are selling out not only the vast majority of our current members but also the vast majority of our future members. How are all our "Rag and Tube" members going to cope with this?. How are all the HGFA trike pilots going to cope with this, or all the roatacraft people? I will tell you how. They will be back in open paddocks like the early years. (and there are those who would prefer this to happen)

There is an old Latin saying "Cue Bono" It means "who benefits". We should all ask ourselves Who benefits from all this business. First, only the out link will be compulsory, who will benefit from this? Certainly not any recreation aviator. Where is the safety benefit in this if none of us has a down or in link? There isn't any. If there was a real concern about safety outside CTR the Government, instead of giving a $10,000 one off voucher for the up link only they could subsidize ALL aircraft in Australia (RPT included) with something like the current "Flarm" unit fitted to gliders. This is a very small box, draws next to no current, and costs about $600. This unit has in and out link, audio and visual collision avoidance, data logging, and output plotting for those with LCD screens. You can also have obstacle (power lines) and terrain (high ground) database alarms added. All this is available NOW for $600. (perhaps much cheaper if mass produced)

No I think we need to look further. Lets look at this from a "cue bono" aspect. - Who does really benefit. I have a few personal ideas. Perhaps some of you do also.

John McK

PS. In the interests of full disclosure. I have a Flarm unit fitted in my Drifter as I fly from a mixed ultralight and glider airfield. I have absolutely no connection with the manufacturer or sale of these units.