Sunday, October 28, 2007

RA-Aus Magazine

I have been getting a number of complaints about our magazine. The main issues are Lateness, and that some members see the magazine in the newsagent before they get their posted copy.

Most members would not be aware that we no longer edit our magazine. The RA-Aus has contracted out the magazine to Zebra Publishing. We pay them a fee to edit print and publish our magazine.

I have brought the complaints I have received to the attention of the other Board Members and the Executive. My personal view is our members MUST receive their mailed copy before the general public can purchase a copy in a newsagent. Even if this means delaying the distribution to the newsagents. I have presented this view to the full Board and Executive.

I have also presented the view that we need to find out why the magazine is so often late, and take steps to fix the problem.